It’s amazing what a good woman can do for a man. She can literally spark the changes that set a man on the path to his destiny. I know men who looked dry and dull during their years in the wilderness of bachelorhood. Literally like they had been on a steady diet of sand and bones but once a good woman walked into their lives, lo and behold, everything changed. When a good woman arrives, men’s fortunes change, they get polished.


He took you to the animal farm in Botswana where he highlighted the story of a large-scale beef cattle farmer from Kenya who dared to venture into business abroad. He went to Ghana where he caught up with a Kenyan shoe seller as well as hoteliers who are defying great odds as they try to spice up cuisines in a faraway land.

He has also traveled to the East African nation of Rwanda where he met Kenyan farmers and brought us a...

Nakumatt  has been accused of stealing from its shoppers.

Nakumatt Stores

Nakumatt Stores

“This has happened a number of times in the past, and now I don't buy that Nakumatt stores do this ‘accidentally’. I highly suspect deliberate deception at play here,” read a social media complaint from a shopper. The obviously disappointed shopper went on to give details of how he fell victim to the alleged improper conduct by Nakumatt. “Here's the play: You...

One of the best bands in Kenya, better known as Elani have released a blazing hot new gospel joint. The group is known for their deep lyrics, well-scripted videos and two beautiful band members (At least in the eyes of gentlemen).

Elani They have done a brilliant gospel song titled Nimwabudu featuring an upcoming gospel artist from Mwanga band by the name Chikwaza. We wish Chikwaza all the best as he sings for God. This is...