Kenyans deserve to be conned. Yes, every single one of us, who has been conned so far especially in, political scams and get rich quick schemes however painful it is, deserves to be conned.

Deputy president of Kenya William Ruto.

It’s an uncomfortable truth that no one has had the privilege to break to us. And if anybody did, the message didn’t find any friendly aboard in our minds. It swiftly...
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When the Westgate terror attack occurred where at least 69 people were butchered and more than 175 injured, Ole Lenku was at the helm of Interior ministry as the Cabinet Secretary.

Image courtesy of Mpasho

The operation to flush out the terrorists who had taken the mall hostage for days was shambolic and disastrous. Trust me that even a baby who is fresh from the womb would have managed that situation...
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The nation is currently embroiled in a discussion about a man’s grade. Yes, a whole Nation of over 40 million Kenyans has solemnly taken a vow to ignore any national issue that urgently requires our contribution. Instead, we have decided to bask in the triviality of a man’s grade.

Yes, grown bearded men with children scattered across the universe have absolutely nothing else to discuss except Joho’s results. Lactating mothers, have abandoned their...
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I have to admit that I’m extremely scared. Scared of the unfortunate fact that this country celebrates people with characters that rarely meets the threshold of 'above reproach.' Our country has specialised in the art of knighting people who have no iota of decorum or a trail of character that inspires wisdom.

With that said, I must openly declare to you that I am extremely uncomfortable with Sonko’s popularity. I’m uncomfortable that some...
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It's Monday 22nd August, we depart at 8:00 am with a group of journalists from JKIA onboard KQ Embraer destined for OR Tambo international Airport, South Africa. Four hours later, we land. Immediately we step on the exit terminal, I get blown away, literally.

Boniface Mwangi. Image source:

A fellow journalist who was with me but had travelled to this country reminds me that I haven’t...

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Hey, people, it’s either I’m hallucinating or I’ve lost my mind. Did we at any point in time rebase our economy when Jubilee came to power?  Were we not declared by a legitimate international body like the IMF or World Bank that we are a middle-income economy?

Did we not receive a stamp of approval that our country had safely flown past the dangerous waters of 3rd world status into a...

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Growing up, whenever I was sick, there were two major ways of administering medicine. Either I would be given the medicine to take orally or sometimes I would get an injection.

My mother preferred injections. I, on the other hand, hated injections, first, because I had to lower my pants and expose my behind (I found it to be quite emasculating) and the painful feeling that the needle left when it penetrated my...
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“In 2013 we faced a formidable opponent with half the government — a sitting prime minister and a sitting vice-president. Today we face a clueless, rudderless, leaderless, disorganised Opposition.” Truer words used to describe the opposition have never been spoken.

Opposition Raila Odinga (Centre) with Musalia Mudavadi and COTU boss Francis Atwoli. Photo courtesy of the Star.

With that statement, William Ruto, with the focus of surgeon’s scalpel revealed the gangrene that is eating...
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In the history of human existence, we have been faced with great adversities. The human race has had to deal with pandemics like war, fire, natural disasters among other tragedies that threatened our very existence. In the midst of all these challenges, the strength of the human resolve is tested to the limits.

Some men crumble like chalk and give up, completely letting defeat flood over their souls as they surrender to whatever lot fate has apportioned to them. While at the...
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When Donald J Trump signed the immigration executive order, the world went berserk. Did he mean it? Probably not. Did he achieve his objectives? Absolutely yes.

  Protests broke instantly like lightning right left right and centre. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyers rushed to court and filed a petition against the ‘absurd’ executive order. What they all missed was the genius political move that Mr. Trump had pulled on them. Why would the...
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