From December 26th to January 1st, 2018, I had gone to Diani, Kwale County to join Kenya Assemblies of God Buru Buru youth for their annual camp, a tradition that I've tried to keep faithfully for the last seven years or so. When we had gone to the beach one afternoon, a conversation ensued between me and the youth pastor.

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In our conversation, I mentioned...


Recently when I was travelling to Mombasa, I used Madaraka express for the first time since it was launched and I enjoyed the experience. I have to admit that I was one of the harshest critics of the project. I only saw debt that my great grandchildren were going to pay dearly and through their nose.

So when I decided to use the train to Mombasa on 26th December, I had lowered my...

It's Monday 22nd August, we depart at 8:00 am with a group of journalists from JKIA onboard KQ  destined for Jo’Burg at the O.R Tambo international Airport. Four hours later, we touch down.

IMG_20160823_115517[1]   We are picked up by Ford Southern Africa representative, for the brand new FORD Ranger 2.2 automatic. After a brief introduction, we were chauffeured off to Ford’s Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria to witness the automated assembly plant where the...

It’s on a Monday morning. The new week presents opportunities yet I can’t construct the first line in an article which is urgently needed by my boss. I sense fatigue from a distance. My soul craves tranquility.

The only cure is to escape the hustles and bustles of the city. Kilaguni Serena lodge calls and I have to respond. The lodge has always held this sacred place in my mind. It is one of the world’s first lodge to be built in...

There is something divine about love. Two adults of the opposite sex making a conscious decision to be an item is a beautiful thing. Magic has nothing on it. When two people who like each other decide to take things to the next level, there is an overwhelming feeling of joy that borders delirium.

4 relationship Silent Killers

The heart beats faster and takes over the body. You...


It’s amazing what a good woman can do for a man. She can literally spark the changes that set a man on the path to his destiny. I know men who looked dry and dull during their years in the wilderness of bachelorhood. Literally like they had been on a steady diet of sand and bones but once a good woman walked into their lives, lo and behold, everything changed. When a good woman arrives, men’s fortunes change, they get polished.

Tissue, anyone? Well…for the men that have been following the work of one of Kenya’s premiere fashion bloggers, Sharon Mundia, brace yourself, you will need one or even a few. Sharon Mundia Sorry men, Capital Lifestyle’s Sharon Mundia is engaged! In an amazingly romantic and elaborate scheme, Sharon’s longtime love Mr. L. swept the gorgeous fashionista on a surprise work-turned-proposal trip via helicopter to Mount Kenya. Mr. L. popped the question on the banks of...

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