From December 26th to January 1st, 2018, I had gone to Diani, Kwale County to join Kenya Assemblies of God Buru Buru youth for their annual camp, a tradition that I've tried to keep faithfully for the last seven years or so. When we had gone to the beach one afternoon, a conversation ensued between me and the youth pastor.

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In our conversation, I mentioned...


I grew up in a small village known for her ravaging floods and hunger. Kano plain is no joke. Nestled between Nandi Hills and the great Lake Victoria, Kano's ground would refuse to give up any yield even when we dropped seeds on the ground with enthusiasm.

We were 8 children born in quick succession with two overwhelmed, underpaid parents who were determined to raise upright children. IMAGE COURTESY OF PETER...

When I was a little boy, I listened to a sermon from my uncle who was a bishop of East Africa Roho Israel, a Luo traditional church my family attended. The sermon, about Noah and the making of the ark, was delivered over 15 years ago from the book of Genesis 6:14, and years later; I still vividly remember what he said.

According to my uncle, when Noah received a revelation from God...

It's amazing how time flies. Like lightning, time comes fast and it is gone. Before we lay a hold of it, as is the common mentality of man, a second is gone, a minute has vanished and an hour is gone.

There is no reverse gear for time. The unfortunate reality is that many of us have falsely believed that there is more time. We are casual in how we manage the hours that the creator...

In June 2016, I decided to stretch my body. I had been feeling lethargic and tired for a while. I had lost interest in many areas of my life that I was passionate about. My job drained the life out of me. I could barely wake up to face another day. I was on the verge of giving up.

So I decided to do a 50-day challenge of fasting, praying, giving and doing...

While I was in Ong’eche (Monkeys in Luo) primary school, I had a close friend who stood out in class and in the entire school. He was among the few pupils who had shoes. They were always polished and clean.

His legs were clean while ours were full of marks because of exposure to thorns, mud and the occasional caning we would get. The rest of us fell into the category of ‘grass...

Many of us desire to change. We crave a different life; a better life. We want to be moving upwardly in our careers. We want a home we can call our own where no landlord knocks on the door every end month.

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We really desire to drive a car or a better car. We want to feel happier and have a list of options at the palm of our...

After weighing this issue in my heart for a very long time now, I have seen it appropriate to speak out. I have to admit that being Luo is a trying responsibility. Being son/daughter of Ramogi is a trying if not a difficult task.

I don’t claim any expertise in this field, neither can I claim to be the spokesman of my community. As an authentic son of the soil, a man who...

If there is something that hits equally as hard as Mike Tyson’s punches, that's going to be age. Growing old sucks. Your body begins to change. You start to prefer lemon water over sugary drinks. Your taste buds begin to act up. Sleep patterns changes.

You immediately realise that you can no longer pass blame, or go missing from the scene though growing up is a painful choice one has to make. You certainly can't sit back and relax waiting...
Nairobi, Kenya, Jun 28 - When Ariel detergent brand came back to Kenya after a short hiatus, the market, especially the top positions, was saturated with other brands. Yet they had set their eyes on the ultimate leadership position. Seven years later, they are the leading brand in the detergent market.

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According to research, Ariel detergent is the current market leader claiming about 30% of the market share. Just how...

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