All broken relationships carry with them an overflowing cup of pain. When the curtains close in a relationship, depending on how invested one was, pain that can only be likened to hot molten lava trapped in one’s bones may arrive. This pure distilled unadulterated pain will camp in a heart that never imagined a breakup.

It took me a while to realize how a breakup had been...


When I met her, I felt like the luckiest man on earth. I was living in a dingy 2-roomed house somewhere in Kahawa. When she came into my life, my fortunes changed because of the energy she came with. The scales of ignorance that were in my eyes fell off and like a baby fresh from the womb I was literally born again.

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From a cockroach infested aboard to a leafy...

Marriage is no joke. I’ve always known that but never in my life has this message sank deeper and taken root in my heart, mind, soul and spirit like it has now. I have seen couples who were the envy of many people break up in spectacular fashion.

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I have seen couples who had fronted such a perfect image that when the cracks began to show, nobody...

When I gave my life to Christ on 28th February 2007, I had lived such a wild life that I doubted if I could ever experience the true transformation that the bible promised. But that day, when I accepted Christ as my Lord and saviour, it was such a powerful transformation that I literally felt like a new being.

Weights of baggage were lifted off my back. I felt younger. My heart that was heavy suddenly...

I had mulled over the idea of running for the leadership of the student body for a while before I finally threw myself into the ring. I was in a dilemma because of several factors.

While I noticed student needs that needed to be filled through the student government, I didn't know if I really wanted to throw myself in the pool of politics. I was the incumbent chairperson of the Christian Fellowship...

The message that the bible propagates is so perfect that it raises the moral bar for those who believe in Jesus. When Jesus again spoke of building a church that no gates of hell shall prevail against, the moral bar by default was raised for the church.

safe-haven-2 The bar has been extraordinarily high for men of the cloth and disciples of Jesus Christ. What the world fails to recognise is that the religious leaders...

When I went for a KAG youth camp in Ukunda, Kwale County in December 2015, among the many prayers I made to God was that He would disrupt my comfort zones. I gave Him permission to use whatever method He felt was necessary, however extreme to remove me from the comfort zone in these specific areas: Career, social life, and physical fitness. I underestimated what He can do.


There is something divine about love. Two adults of the opposite sex making a conscious decision to be an item is a beautiful thing. Magic has nothing on it. When two people who like each other decide to take things to the next level, there is an overwhelming feeling of joy that borders delirium.

4 relationship Silent Killers

The heart beats faster and takes over the body. You...


The number one trending topic in Kenya as we speak is ‘Bro Ocholla’. His chat in a WhatsApp group called Embakasi prayer cell found its way to the public domain. The online community including brands have jumped on the bandwagon to make fun of the situation yet amidst the fun and the tirade, the issue exposes a festering wound that is secretly crippling the church.


For a...


There was a man who was young and foolish, he would make himself emotionally available to many girls, listening to them as they poured their hearts out to him. They would pour out their frustrations and joys to him. He was the designated counselor for many young ladies.

This Too Is Cheating Well, he justified it because he was a church youth leader but soon, he realized that he couldn't handle the issues that...

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