The Rise

When I started my writing career slightly over a year ago with an article that went viral, I was a champ . Caroline Mutoko, Ken Okoth Kibra MP, Boniface Mwangi, Larry Madowo, Mark Masai among other influential peeps shared the article. journalism It trended in Kenya for 3 days. I had spoken what was in the minds of many Kenyans. Dear sonko, I admire your showbiz philanthropy was the title of the...
On that fateful day in March 2011, I never knew that a tragedy that would shake and disrupt my life was going to take place. The day had begun well. My career was flying high like a kite. I was a darling of my bosses. IMG_20160823_115517[1] A few months ago, I had just acquired my first car. I walked into my humble closet and chose the best suit. I then picked a colorful shirt...

It’s on a Monday morning. The new week presents opportunities yet I can’t construct the first line in an article which is urgently needed by my boss. I sense fatigue from a distance. My soul craves tranquility.

The only cure is to escape the hustles and bustles of the city. Kilaguni Serena lodge calls and I have to respond. The lodge has always held this sacred place in my mind. It is one of the world’s first lodge to be built in...
“The type of black man we have today has lost his manhood. Reduced to an obliging shell, he looks with awe at the white power structure and accepts what he regards as the ‘inevitable position’…

Photo: Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta

in the privacy of his toilet, his face twists in silent condemnation of white society but brightens up in sheepish obedience as he comes out hurrying in response to his masters’...

When I went for a KAG youth camp in Ukunda, Kwale County in December 2015, among the many prayers I made to God was that He would disrupt my comfort zones. I gave Him permission to use whatever method He felt was necessary, however extreme to remove me from the comfort zone in these specific areas: Career, social life, and physical fitness. I underestimated what He can do.


There is something divine about love. Two adults of the opposite sex making a conscious decision to be an item is a beautiful thing. Magic has nothing on it. When two people who like each other decide to take things to the next level, there is an overwhelming feeling of joy that borders delirium.

4 relationship Silent Killers

The heart beats faster and takes over the body. You...


The number one trending topic in Kenya as we speak is ‘Bro Ocholla’. His chat in a WhatsApp group called Embakasi prayer cell found its way to the public domain. The online community including brands have jumped on the bandwagon to make fun of the situation yet amidst the fun and the tirade, the issue exposes a festering wound that is secretly crippling the church.


For a...


There was a man who was young and foolish, he would make himself emotionally available to many girls, listening to them as they poured their hearts out to him. They would pour out their frustrations and joys to him. He was the designated counselor for many young ladies.

This Too Is Cheating Well, he justified it because he was a church youth leader but soon, he realized that he couldn't handle the issues that...

It’s amazing what a good woman can do for a man. She can literally spark the changes that set a man on the path to his destiny. I know men who looked dry and dull during their years in the wilderness of bachelorhood. Literally like they had been on a steady diet of sand and bones but once a good woman walked into their lives, lo and behold, everything changed. When a good woman arrives, men’s fortunes change, they get polished.