My mother was an angry lioness most of the time but her fury rose to uncontainable levels when it came to romance. “If you have sex, you will either get a baby, HIV/AIDS or both,” she drilled that line as often as she could. Even though it was directed at my older siblings, being in the same house, I somehow picked the cue. I was afraid of women I didn't...


I was 20 years old when I wrote a 10-year strategic plan for my life. It followed a major life decision I made a year before. On February 2007, I woke up with the urge to go to church. Unsure where to go, I walked from Ksouth and found myself at KAG Buru Buru. That’s the day I got born again. That decision woke something dead in my soul. I had lived a rough life...


All broken relationships carry with them an overflowing cup of pain. When the curtains close in a relationship, depending on how invested one was, pain that can only be likened to hot molten lava trapped in one’s bones may arrive. This pure distilled unadulterated pain will camp in a heart that never imagined a breakup.

It took me a while to realize how a breakup had been...


It was Monday, 17th December 2018 when an impulsive decision to visit a psychiatrist altered my life in ways I hadn’t imagined.

While on my way from Hurlingham at 3:30 PM after chasing some gigs, in a 46 Matatu to Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), my gut feeling nudged me to pass by doctor’s plaza at the Nairobi Hospital.

My sleep patterns had...


For the longest time of my young life, I had always been an emotionally solid brother. I had never experienced any extreme emotional turmoil in my life except for the few tensions within the family especially when the matriarch was administering discipline.

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I was the kind of dude who was fast at dusting up and getting back on his feet even when life threw me a curveball. I...

Growing up, like many children, I wanted to be many things including a geologist, a historian, a literature writer, a lawyer and a journalist. But two choices in that sea of confusion were consistent in my list and stood out like a sore thumb: A lawyer and a journalist.

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The winds blew me towards a career that I had loathed passionately. While I chose commerce in...

I partly grew up in Dandora before we were abruptly 'deported' back to the village when my father married a second wife. However much it was viewed as a low-class estate, I built many fond memories in that place. Life was easy.

We did not carry the weight of expectations on our shoulders except to behave well, take a shower and stay clean. We would walk and head off to Ngomongo, a faraway...

It was June 2017, the exact date is escaping my mind. I was standing behind some mabati shanties where they sell mitumba clothes off Achieng Oneko road in Kisumu. I had just devoured a whole tilapia fish and ugali for 200 bob and I was feeling like a true son of the soil.

  I chucked my huge techno C 8 phone and skimmed through my contact list. I had told my parents about...

A friend of mine got a lucrative job with a leading urban Pentecostal church in Kenya. The church wanted to train her for a year then send her back to her home country to plant a church.

They went on a charm offensive. A pastor was swiftly dispatched to carry out the sacred duty of convincing this person to take up the role. They promised her heaven in the process: A fully furnished apartment, return ticket...

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