It’s amazing how time flies. Like lightning, time comes fast and it is gone. Before we lay a hold of it, as is the common mentality of man, a second is gone, a minute has vanished and an hour is gone.

There is no reverse gear for time. The unfortunate reality is that many of us have falsely believed that there is more time. We are casual in how we manage the hours that the creator has given us.

We postpone things in the hope that we can get them done tomorrow. Yet ambulances pass when we are on traffic jams as other people battle for life. Mortuaries are being filled with people who were either too young to die or the elderly. The secret to a successful life is not really in the years lived but the accomplishments achieved while one breathed.

Many of us are busy chasing after the wind. We wear ourselves down with things that do not really matter. Life becomes a constant rush and nothing seems to satisfy our hearts.
In February 2016, social media was filled with tributes for a man I only knew by name but wasn’t quite familiar with. His name was James Quest. He was hit by a car on Waiyaki way on his bike in a hit and run accident.

The more I started paying attention to the images that were flooding social media, the more I started to see what the man had accomplished at the tender age of 29. He had lived his life. Though in the eyes of the world he was still too young to die, yet tributes from his family and friends showed us a man who had dedicated his life to what he loved and he accomplished much with it.

On October 10th 2010, in Gilgil, a 25-year-old soul was snatched from the world. His name was Victor Okumu. His case was that of a fatal accident that crushed his head. He was travelling from Kisumu back to Nairobi. The bus hit a lorry that was static and two people died in that accident. He was full of life. He had just won a big tender to supply building materials to one of the leading parastatals in Kenya. He had just given his life to Christ.

In 2015, a tender soul collapsed one morning after family devotions. She was rushed to the hospital only to be pronounced dead on arrival. She was only 22 years old. She had finished her degree at Daystar University, she had submitted her research proposal, she had even cleared and the graduation was going to be in a month’s time. She had worked hard through 4 years of intense schooling and she emerged victorious yet at the hour when she was about to graduate, she was called home. Christine was a tender soul. She was a darling to many people. She never bothered to offend anyone, she got along well with all social classes and ages, she was an active member of Citam Woodley. But yet she was called home. And she didn’t have a say on whether to say no or yes.

That’s the tragedy of life. It’s how fragile it is that makes it even interesting and enjoyable. Do you know that with every passing second we are headed to our maker? But are we living like one day we will be no more? What consumes us? Amassing wealth, making a name for ourselves, stepping on people’s toes? Or are we focused on building a legacy that will stay years to come even when we are dead? Are we serving humanity, with all that we have so that we don’t have to regret when things don’t work out? What are you doing with your life? If the maker were to audit how you spend your time, would he see any need to extend your time here on earth?

We major in non-issues. We hang around toxic people whom we know are not adding much value to our lives. We waste time on things that do not really matter. A righteous man has many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all.

I’ve made up my mind that my time on this earth will count. When history books will be rewritten in this nation, my name must appear not because of the awful things I did but because of how selfless I was. How I fought poverty, patronage and negative ethnicity. I want to be known as the man who comforted the widows and supported the orphans. Let my life be known only as a man who dedicated it to see others succeed. I want to die when I’ve squeezed all that God has put in me. I want to bring it all out.

Tupac died at 25, Biggie died at 24, Martin Luther King junior died at 35, Tom Mbona died at 39, Jesus died at 33, Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison among many other great men and women. They did not have to wait to be old to accomplish what they had been called to do. They knew that time waits for no man. That today you are here and tomorrow you are gone therefore you must make the best out of the current situation.
Stop giving excuses. Stop squandering time. Stop living a mediocre average life. Stop wasting your life away in destructive habits.

Arise and shine for your light has come.

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Author: Dannish Odongo

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