Dear Mr President, I have high regard for you. You are an impressionable man who has ‘seen it all’ in terms of what the world has to offer. You come from an affluent background. The problems you face aren’t similar to what ordinary Kenyans face.


I actually believe that you have done well to open up the presidency and you have made it within reach of common wananchi. You fought heavy shackles to ascend to the top seat. I know you mean well. You love Kenya and Africa as a whole.

There is just one problem I have with you Mr President, it looks like somebody somewhere isn’t advising you correctly. With my limited knowledge of communication, allow me to give my unsolicited two cents in the hope that you smell the coffee.

As one scholar noted, in communications, familiarity breeds apathy. Because you have been pulling such brilliant PR pieces for the last 4 years yet like a sore thumb numerous challenges have refused to go away, I believe that the timing of the ‘dab’ was inappropriate.

Secondly, before going mass, your team ought to have tested the message with a small group of people that are representative of your target audience. From the negative feedback the message has generated and continues to generate, I believe that this point was skipped.


How did you end up ‘dabbing’ with a dance crew when the doctors are still on strike and Kenyans are dying? Isn’t that the highest form of being aloof in a country where the collective cries for help have fallen on deaf ears. There is no urgency to resolve the stalemate. It now looks like the private sector has engineered the slow response so that they can cash from the collapse of the public healthcare system.

How did you allow yourself to be dragged in the PR gimmick in a manicured lawn at the comfort of your office to ‘dab’ yet Kenyans are dying of hunger due to the biting drought?  Kenya, as it is right now, is a land that has moved past the walls of apathy and scepticism, what threatens this nation is a deep sense of cynicism.

Mr. president, make me understand how you managed to spare a few minutes to dab while there is a biting voter apathy across the country partly because of the selfishness of the political class? While the intention of the dance was meant to ignite the zeal of the youth to register and vote, I strongly believe that a different approach would have sufficed. That dance summarises the arrogance of the political class to the needs and welfare of ordinary Kenyans.

Mr president, elections are less than 6 months away, yet you promised us 5 stadiums, 1 million acres of agriculture, modernised police force, double-digit economic growth, and millions of jobs for the youth; instead of dabbing, why don’t you dedicate that energy to try and achieve some of your campaign pledges?

No, Mr. president, this is the time to fast and pray. This is the time for you to wear sackcloth and deny yourself choice foods so that you can focus on the divine duty of bringing back this country on the right track.

I can’t understand your out of touch with reality approach. I can’t fathom how you sleep at night while the nation you lead is in a mess. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that my president dabs while the country is in a state of pain, confusion and anger.

Those who are advising you will definitely cost you big time. You might come back as the president for another second term, but you will find a country that has chilling levels of apathy and indifference towards patriotic duties. But should you end up as a one-term ‘meat eater’, the blame will squarely be put on the lap of your advisors.

Your actions are quenching the flames of passion that once burnt brightly in Kenya.  You were the hope of a regime change in this country. In you, we saw a Joshua who was going to take us to the promised land.

Please, for the sake of the sanctity of the office you hold, do not allow temporary clicks and shares to drive you. As you demystify the office you hold, also demystify this feeling that the Presidency is a preserve of a few communities.

Four years of a ‘cool’ president has given us one of the worst doctors strike in the history of our country.

Four years of a ‘cool’ president has handed us world War two locomotives in the name of the Standard Gauge Railway yet it gobbled up a budget of an electric train.

Four years of a ‘cool’ president has given us hot air promises packaged as public relations (PR), large scale unrestrained corruption, unfulfilled promises and pain in the flesh of the people of Kenya.

Four years of a cool president has doubled our taxes and driven the cost of living to unprecedented levels.

Four years of a cool president has led to the total collapse of the moral fabric of our nation. Everyone now wants to ‘eat’.

I’m tired of having a cool president, I want an effective one.


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Author: Dannish Odongo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad that while read this comments , especially the ones trying to convince everyone that it’s not the president’s fault makes me understand better why this country is failing. if you truly chose a leader and he fails u it is your duty to speak up. Kenya has suffered for the longest time since independent actually but this past four years has sunk it. We owe debt that should not even be mentioned considering there’s nothing to show for it. It’s a good case of taking a loan to open a business but one decides to drink it all. We are paying taxes which are used on issues that don’t amount to anything for a commoner mwananchi. Good example is wen 40 b in tax payers money or whatever the amount was ended up being used for an unwarranted stupid( forgive my language) campaign instead of feeding Kenyans dying of hunger n getting the doctors CBA. Let’s be a one pple nation all the time just not wen Kenyans die in a terrorist attack. Open ur eyes an stand the ground. Kenyans are tired of stupid pledges given just to win elections. Let’s b realistic!! It’s high time we stopped tribal politics and get a leader for the good of our next coming generation because guess wat? All the debt that’s accruing you the common mwananchi is the one who will slave to pay through ur taxes, wen that milk price increases it won’t matter if you are a kikuyu/ Luo/ mijikenda it won’t matter we will all have to pay the price. So as the elections approach vote smart n stop being arrogant!! Forgive my little rant am just tired of Kenyans acting stupid amidst the real craziness around us.

    • Very Angry Kenyan says:

      This anonymous is full of himself but just the kawaida jango bs. And by the way, you can never use lies to try and get people to move away from what is the truth. Ati 40b to do a campaign, if you were here i would have slapped you so had you would have called your baba. you are the cream of the c that this country does not need. to hell with people like you. Anyway Uhuru is president and to quote one Nelson Marwa, mezeni wembe, you aint moving us.mscheeew

  2. Wendy says:

    For ctying out loud stop berating the president for all that’s going on. He is just one man trying to do the best for the ever so demaming natural of Kenyans today.. Corruption starts and ends with you.. Change starts and ends with you..
    It’s upon every citizen to start pulling their own weight and stop plying one individual with your mess.
    He cannot go to every station every house and monitor you but you can help by being an exemplary individual.
    Stop paying procurement to get the tender
    Say no to corruption
    “Mulika mtu” at every turn
    Be the example and then we together can slowly shift this country to greater height’s.
    Give to the needy clothe your neighbour, leave politics and become human. Most people cry nothing is being done to the needy yet not even one gram of flour have you not spared; the president hasn’t controlled this country people have, by dictation;
    This is what we want” when it arrives , ” the president is responsible”.
    Take up the mantle be the change…

    • Dannish Odongo says:

      By calling out the incompetencies of the president publicly and doing my bit privately, I’m being a patriotic citizen. I pay taxes. I need to hold my leaders accountable.

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