When I went for a KAG youth camp in Ukunda, Kwale County in December 2015, among the many prayers I made to God was that He would disrupt my comfort zones. I gave Him permission to use whatever method He felt was necessary, however extreme to remove me from the comfort zone in these specific areas: Career, social life, and physical fitness. I underestimated what He can do.


(Left) Mark Masai of NTV, (Right) Bonny Tunya and (Centre) Dannish Odongo at the centre after the interview

The results have been too much for me to bear. I should have been more open-minded when I made those prayers. My year began on a high note, charged like a wild buffalo. I left Ukunda feeling recharged and new like a baby fresh from the womb. I was swimming in hope. My heart was filled to the brim with the expectation of a new dawn. I knew that God was going to do something major in my life.

And the year started on an epic note. Handling clients’ who are industry leaders in this nation, working on a multi-million promotion plan that is about to be rolled out, resuming running in Karura forest, writing pieces that kind of disrupted normal operations. But nothing beats the experience I’ve gone through ever since I wrote this article. God basically took me from obscurity to prominence.

The roller coaster and the responses have been so overwhelming. From outright abuses to messages of good will; from negative feedback to positive feedback; from having sleepless nights because of the tsunami that my article stirred; from false claims on Facebook that I was dead to people calling me from high offices and commending the great work I’m doing; from persecution from former schoolmates to overwhelming support from the same crowd; from opposition within to support across the divide. The rollercoaster has been simply overwhelming.

When I received a call from press pass to go and expound on my article, I knew that I was going to attract keyboard warriors who were determined to lynch me but I just didn’t know how massive the abuses would be. I was called names, I was referred to as a mole, I was told that I have swallowed a brown envelope among many other unfounded accusations.

But I have a testimony out of the trial and temptations that I’ve gone through. The tension was not in vain. The sleepless nights and the abuses that I’ve endured for the last 3 days have not been in vain. The persecutions, stones, and mud that has been thrown at me have not been in vain. I was encouraged by Romans 8:31 : What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

As a junior writer, who has slightly more than a year  experience, I can confidently tell you that the platforms that God has availed to me are simply courtesy of His favor. It’s not based on merit, neither is it based on my ability to write. Being chosen to interview the PS for Treasury was the most humbling experience I’ve gone through in my short writing career. I have been called by the high and mighty. I’ve been given platforms that I never knew I would ever step on. Being hosted on Press pass was just a far-fetched dream. Influencing the nation was a distant goal. Yet God has decided to honor me on such a grand scale. He has decided that though I’m not so competent as compared to other writers, his favor can take a lame man and make him dine with kings. His favor can take an average writer who has a marketing degree and plant him right into the highest apex of success in a field he isn’t ‘qualified in’.

I’m honestly overwhelmed by God’s goodness. I’m overwhelmed because of His unmerited favor.

Treasury PS, Dr Kamau Thugge with Dannish Odongo in Treasury building, Nairobi. 19/01/2016

Treasury PS, Dr Kamau Thugge with Dannish Odongo in Treasury building, Nairobi. 19/01/2016

What are you trusting God for? Do you feel frustrated by the amount of opposition that is mounted against you? Do you sometimes feel like there are way too many odds against you? Are your dreams too big that sometimes they scare you? Do you see giants all around you and you don’t know what you will do to overcome their power? If that’s where you are, then you are in the right place where God wants to use you for His glory.

He is a God of the impossible. He can take an inexperienced writer and favor Him with those who are  in seats of power and influence. He can take a janitor and make Her president. He can take a coward shepherd boy and install Him as the greatest King who ever lived. He can clean up an addict and make him a messenger of hope. He can take an uneducated person and use them for His glory. Nothing is impossible with Him.

What are some of the odds that you are facing? Are you opening up your mind to receive what God has in store for you? Have you come with an expectant heart to Him or have you limited Him based on your circumstances?

The God we serve is specialized in doing what no man can do. He raised Lazarus after 3 days in the grave. He raised Jairus’s daughter. He cleansed lepers and rebuked waves with a word. He drowned an experienced army and fought the battles on behalf of His children. He took away the sins of the world by dying on the cross of Calvary. He went right into hell and overcame every power that was holding man back. That’s the extent He is willing to go for you. Question is, what are you trusting God for?

Real friends are few. To get people who are genuinely happy for your success is one of the greatest gifts a man can ever get. You will be attacked and the intensity will depend on the scale of your influence and the speed of your progress. Trees that have no edible fruits are never pelted with stones. Insecure people will always try to bring you down but you must not stoop to their level. Always maintain your cool and never wrestle with a pig. That’s the lesson that I’ve learned for the last 3 days.

Are you willing to turn your back on the crowd to lead an opera? Are you ready to switch off the frequency of naysayers and focus on your Godly convictions? What price are you willing to pay to bring out the potential in you? How available are you for God to use you? Are you willing to endure pain, rejection, abuses, sleepless nights, and even sabotage to reach your destiny? Will you give negative people a chance to drag you down and put you in their congregation?

The choice is yours! Whether you amount to anything or not, the choice is in your hands!

This song has really blessed me during this time:

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Author: Dannish Odongo

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  1. leah wangari says:

    He is God all by Himself and He doesn’t need any mans approval so as to favor and bless the ones He wants to bless. Really inspiring and happy for you. Trusting God for greater heights this year in Jesus Name.


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