He took you to the animal farm in Botswana where he highlighted the story of a large-scale beef cattle farmer from Kenya who dared to venture into business abroad. He went to Ghana where he caught up with a Kenyan shoe seller as well as hoteliers who are defying great odds as they try to spice up cuisines in a faraway land.

He has also traveled to the East African nation of Rwanda where he met Kenyan farmers and brought us a myriad of other captivating stories of Kenyans living abroad. He has captured their hopes, expressed their aspirations and given voice to their fears through his feature program, “Daring Abroad”, the first episode of which was aired on KTN in April 2015.

Chamwada Report

He has interviewed 10 presidents and is a fellow of the CNN International Professional Program. He has traversed nations and continents and has gained international repute as a leading journalist. He began from the bottom and has steadily risen through the ranks of journalism building in the process a wealth of contacts and experience. He has been a regular contributor to current affairs programs on both CNN and VOA and is for all intents and purposes one of the most respected African journalists of our time.

Alex holds a Masters degree in Politics and Mass Media from the University of Liverpool, a post-graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Nairobi and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Sciences from Moi University. He has worked before as a communications consultant with the UN-Habitat.

In 2014, Alex took a great risk by leaving a leading media station in Kenya to venture into the murky waters of entrepreneurship or call it practicing journalist from ‘outside the newsroom.’  He wanted to tell his own stories as a self-employed journalist. Carefully calculating his steps, Alex built what has become one of the fastest growing independent television content production companies in Kenya, known as CHAMS Media.

One of the newest baby, off CHAMS Media productions is The Chamwada Report, a trailblazing 24-minute  development and current affairs feature hosted by Alex Chamwada himself and put together in partnership with the standard media group, a brand new KTN news channel that went on air on Friday last week. The first episode of The Chamwada Report airs on KTN News this Thursday, 16th July 2015 from 8 pm to 8.30pm and will discuss what Barak Obama’s visit means to ordinary Kenyans and how his presence in Kenya will affect their lives. Drawing from his coverage of President Obama’s visit to the neighboring country of Tanzania, Alex Chamwada will keep you on the edge of your seat as he interviews President Jakaya Kikwete, locals and the security arrangement of the POTUS. He will take you from urban to rural Kenya as he seeks the opinions of ordinary Kenyans on the much-awaited visit by the POTUS.

KTN Kenya’s recent launch is a bold step that is sure to revolutionize the news and current affairs landscape not just in Kenya but across the region. This new channel has received an enthusiastic welcome from Kenyans from all walks of life with encouraging feedback being by its audience given particularly through social media platforms. KTN Kenya can be accessed through all available digital platforms and regionally via DSTV on Channel 274, ADN-KTN News, and via GoTV on Channel 94, as well as Zuku on Channel 14 (through both Fibre and Satellite).

Alex Chamwada looks forward to engaging and challenging you every Thursday with great development content and captivating and insightful news pieces on The Chamwada Report which you will be able to enjoy from the comfort of your homes on KTN News.

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    chemwada is a great inspiration for many upcoming journalists, it was a bold move for him and he did show that there is a lot to be covered outside the employment.


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